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Harold Mordt Harold is the club artist.
Christmas 2018 The club enjoyed a wonderful, belated Christmas Party at the home of Bill and Becky Brown. Featured was a delicious ham dinner and a white elephant gift exchange. Sonny Mordt got the trophy he gave away last year!What a surprise...it was a million to one he chose this gift. Better look out for it again next year!
Annual Club Picnic 2018 The Dixie Classic Chevy Club had its annual picnic Saturday, June 23rd. We had fourteen members there including Elvis (Jim Brown). The food and fellowship were great, and then we were treated to a very enjoyable Elvis show. The weather was warm, but tolerable, and it didn’t rain on us or our classic cars. Everyone had a great time.
2018 Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, KY Club members Barry and Diana Hall's beautiful 1955 Bel Air was selected to be one of 28 cars featured in the special Heritage Spotlight display inside the convention center at the 2018 Tri-Five Nationals! Dan Duffy trailered the Hall's car out to Bowling Green and everyone had a great trip! Diana's car received a lot of attention and more than one person expressed an interest in buying the car....but she's not selling!
Christmas 2017 Club party with food and white elephant gift exchange.
Annual Club Picnic 2016 The Dixie Classic Chevy Club held its annual picnic on Saturday, June 25th at the pavilion at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on Sandy Plains Road. Fourteen members attended and enjoyed fried chicken, lots of side dishes including a tuna pasta salad, and plenty of desserts. After a scrumptious meal, we were entertained by Elvis. Thanks to Jim Brown for his Elvis show, and thanks to all the members who were able to attend for their support and for the wonderful side dishes and desserts. It was good to see everyone there. We look forward to doing it again next year.
Cookout With WSB Staff 2016 In July 2016 a few of our members joined theWSB TV staff for a cookout at their facility on West Peachtree in downtown Atlanta. The cookout had a ‘50’s theme. We had a great time! We got a tour of the WSB facilities, saw the newsroom, and met several WSB reporters including Fred Blankenship, Karen Minton, Brad Nitz, Brian Monahan, Sophia Choi, Linda Stouffer, and others.
Annual Club Picnic 2015 The club's annual picnic was held at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in East Marietta for 2015. Members and guests enjoyed a pot luck lunch and a visit from Elvis! The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all!
Annual Club Picnic 2014 The club's annual picnic was held at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in East Marietta for 2014. Members enjoyed a pot luck lunch and a great time together!
Christmas 2011 Club party with food and white elephant gift exchange.
Reunion cruise 2009 A reunion cruise was held at Sonny's in 2009 and many past members attended, along with most of the current members at that time.