2023 Red Top Mountain Fall Picnic

The members of the Dixie Classic Chevy Club enjoyed very nice picnic at Red Top Mountain State Park this Sunday afternoon (October 22, 2023). Those present included Bud and Kay Perry and their new puppy, Hanna; Jim Stacy; Ed and Karen Todd; Jim Brown and Heidi; Jim’s son, Grant; Ben Martin; Peggy Jones; and Bill Brown and Becky Brown. It was a little cool and windy when we first arrived, but soon the wind died and the sun warmed us up. Bud had reserved the picnic site for us and brought the Jersey Mike’s submarine sandwiches. Some members also brought chips, a vegetable tray, brownies, and cookies. The food was great, the weather was beautiful, especially after it warmed up a bit, and it was all topped off by fellowship with great friends and wonderful people. Here are a few pictures from the picnic.