June 2023 Brickmont Assisted Living Show

We had a really good day at Brickmont Assisted Living on Saturday! We had beautiful sunshine; no rain, but it was very hot. The line of Classic Cars was a beautiful sight to see. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, sweet tea, and ice water. Our DJ, Raquel, did a great job. She provided great music from the ‘50s and ‘60s that brought back great memories for all of us, and she sang beautifully. At one point, our own Elvis (Jim Brown) joined her in an enthusiastic rendition of one of Elvis’ hits.

Of course, the cars brought back great memories for the Senior Citizens at Brickmont. We enjoyed talking to them about the cars and their memories, and answering their questions. They really seemed to enjoy the cars and the conversation. Also, there was a bouncy house, and the kids enjoyed that. One young girl especially liked showing off by doing back flips.

Karen Pascaner, the Director at Brickmont, did a great job in planning this event and arranging for the food, the smoothie/shaved ice truck, the bouncy house, and of course, the Classic Cars.

My thanks to each one of you who brought your beautiful Classic Car! I hope you enjoyed being there, talking to the Senior Citizens who were admiring your cars, putting smiles on their faces, and making new friends. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.